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Most travelers do not know that Airline crew members actually answer their questions. Be it good, the bad, and the stinky about air travel, but the truth remains that they actually give answers to each questions asked.

Anyone who’s ever gotten on a plane with children knows they often ask lots of questions about flying. How exactly does a plane fly? How does it take off? How does it land?

Well, that’s the problem with kids: sometimes they’re too darned practical. The fact remains that most adults don’t know the answers to those very logical questions neither do they care.

“Akoh Aviation” has recently talked to a group of pilots and flight attendants to know the answers to air travel questions you may not have known, heard or even thought of.

Do pilots ever get nervous during flights?

Pilots are safely enclosed in the cockpit, so they don’t need a poker face to reassure passengers when things get dicey. While speaking to an airline pilot, Austing Emm who finds delight in helping people conquer their flying fears, says you’ll rarely see a pilot sweat. “With flying as it is today, I don’t think airline pilots would characterize what they feel as being nervous,” he says.

Austine, who had flown several aircraft, says things were different in the old days. “Back when we flew 707s and DC-8s on trans-Atlantic flights from some airports in Europe, runways were just long enough for the plane to take off and leave the 10 percent margin legally required,” he remembers. “If an engine were to fail as the plane was approaching flying speed  though [technically] there was enough runway to get the plane into the air, the 10 percent margin did not leave room for comfort. Fortunately, the planes flown now have so much power that runways are more than adequate.” That’s a relief.

Do flight attendants ever get nervous during flights?

flight attendants

Let’s face it: No one wants to see a scared flight attendant. But in the rare circumstance when something’s not right on a plane, he or she might be just as nervous as you are. It just may not be for the reason you think.

Whatever the flight attendant is scared of, you’ll never know it. “I am human and I do get scared,” says Vivian, flight attendant. “You will never see it on my face. People gauge their reactions on how we are handling a situation (’If she panics so can I!!!’). So I have an impeccable poker face on the airplane. If I am scared or praying a little bit, you will never know.”

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